About Us

Pearl of Siam Restaurant began as the dream of two sisters, Sarin and Sandy. The sisters grew up watching their family prepare delicious Thai dishes in Bangkok, Thailand. They dreamed opening a restaurant together once they grew up. They decided to name the restaurant “Pearl of Siam” after the one-of-a kind treasure found in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The oldest sister, Sandy, married a gifted Thai chef named Peter, with an infectious love of cooking. They relocated from Chicago to the Denver area, fell in love with the mile-high city and decided to plant their roots there.

For us, Pearl of Siam is a dream come true. Our hopes, our pasts, and our personalities are as much a part of it as is our labor. The dishes you will enjoy come straight from the memories of those two young sisters in the Bangkok restaurant. They are full of the unique personality and flavor of the Thai people. We hope you will love this restaurant as much as we do.